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Emilie Wapnick: "Specialisation is not necessarily the safest option"

The Canadian writer and entrepreneur takes us on a journey to discover multipotentialites, people who have many different interests, pursuits and talents. How can we recognise them? What are their strengths and biggest challenges?

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Her TED Talk "Why Some of us don't have one True Calling" went viral with over 7.7 million viewers worldwide, translated into some 40 languages.

Emilie Wapnick, writer and entrepreneur, talks about multipotentialites, i.e. people who have many interests and like to take on several projects at once.

In this interview, Wapnick challenges some of the traditional advice for success in life and work, explaining that the path of specialisation is not always, necessarily, the most valid or safe one. The multi-faceted nature of multipotentialites renders them capable of developing different strengths. They can only be truly fulfilled devoting themselves to different passions and areas.

Visit Wapnick's online multipotentialite community at http://puttylike.com to learn more. Or just pick up her book, “How to be Everything” (ed. HarperCollins).

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