One needs to be a bit of a philosopher to do a good job: in the words of Tlon

Applying the methods of ancient and contemporary thinkers can help us get through difficult times and even find our own vocation. “We live in a society that pays little attention to the inner self”, explains Maura Gancitano, who, together with Andrea Colamedici, founded the philosophical school Tlon. However, there are ways of getting to know oneself better and understanding the right path for everyone.

Gender data gap: how our world ignores women

Medicine, surgery, science but also technology have always moved within a gender stereotype that ignores, or belittles, women. For example, women have been excluded from scientific tests for years and smartphones are developed according to the size of men’s hands. Today things are changing, but it is still not enough.

What are museums doing on TikTok?

The choice to go on TikTok has been made not only by major museums, such as the Prado in Madrid, the Uffizi in Florence and the Metropolitan in New York, but also by small ones like the MArTa in Taranto in Italy. “Arousing curiosity is the key to getting people to visit museums,” explains Ilde Forgione, head of the Uffizi’s TikTok channel.