There have been various attempts at fraud reported in several countries using Adecco’s name. We wish to inform you that NO Adecco representative would ever ask for any payment to a candidate during the job search or a selection process.

We have been informed that the ADECCO name and its trademark have been used in different countries by people who have nothing to do with the Group. These people post job advertisements on generalist websites using the Adecco name without our permission. We have reason to believe that emails, letters, telephone calls and other actions taken by these individuals are nothing more than illicit attempts to steal job seekers’ money and access the personal and confidential information.

We are aware of several cases of fraud perpetrated under the Adecco name in Canada, France, Ghana, Hong Kong, Italy and the United States.

How to protect yourself

Before releasing any personal information, identity documents or bank details during the job search process, make sure that the contact is an authorised Adecco representative. You can check this by contacting an Adecco office in your country. Find a list of Adecco’s Italian branches here.

Be wary of emails, instant messages, voicemail messages or unexpected faxes that claim to have come from Adecco. If you receive messages of this type, please contact an Adecco office in your country to verify the message’s authenticity.

If you think you have been a victim of one these frauds, we advise you to report the incident to the local authorities.


If you wish to report an abuse committed in the Adecco name and under its trademark, please contact the Adecco office in the country where the event occurred. If Adecco is not active in the country, please notify the company by writing to or

If you are looking for employment in your country, contact Adecco through

If you are looking for job opportunities abroad, on the Adecco Work abroad platform, you can find job advertisements in different countries.