Who We Are

Being able to interpret the world in which we live, with its facets, opportunities, inconsistencies and difficulties, is the first step to let us imagine the future that awaits us.

We find ourselves in a strongly dichotomic context. On the one hand, the crisis has overturned the logics of the Italian and international labour market, it has subverted rules and unbalanced powers resulting in situations of increasingly harsh inequality. On the other hand, the technological evolution pushes to run in step with the times, with Ecosystem 4.0, big data, digital processing and automation: all concepts that can intimidate and confuse. After all, we are inside a wave of relentless revolution, it is impossible not to feel at least disoriented.

It is for this reason that we created Morning Future: the blog shaped by the Adecco Group in Italy to share interpretation keys and to open the doors to the future of an evolving society, with its contrasts and its breakthroughs

We interpret the present in order to understand the future: thanks to its constant updates, this is the mission of Morning Future. There are three main editorial guidelines – and commitments – for this project: Orient, Inspire, Imagine. These are three key points to develop our commitment.

Guiding: we share the tools needed to make the right choices and to find your way in the changing world: working, training, generations, development needs and points of reference.

Inspiring: through interviews, best practice analysis and insights, we shed light on the horizons of our immediate context, to look at the future with awareness.

Imagining: We exploit current trends and collect the visions of stakeholders, expert observers and professionals, so as to try to imagine our future, using the tools needed to get prepared for it.

Our focus is not only on the changing world of work – fourth industrial revolution, flexibility and smart working – but also on sharing tools that allow seizing those innovations closely concerning sharing economy, uberization, domotics. We are seeking for reading keys to interpret the digital transformation in which we are immersed (it is often so obvious that we don’t even realize it), looking at some social inclusion, welfare and corporate social responsibility case studies for inspiration.

Morning Future is aimed at anyone eager to get to know the future world. We believe that only a natural curiosity about what awaits us, together with an alert glance on what already surrounds us, will be the most important baggage for the journey towards the future.

We are committed to tracing the path. The ticket is already in your hands: a one-way ticket, of course.