Gustavo Pietropolli Charmet
Video 15 March Mar 2021 1249 15 March 2021

Pietropolli Charmet: "Let's not take our kids out of school"

Gustavo Pietropolli Charmet talks to us about how COVID-19 is affecting young people and why it is crucial for them to remain in school, pandemic notwithstanding

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“Let's give school back to the kids instead of treating them like unemployed or laid-off workers”.

One of Italy's leading psychotherapists, Gustavo Pietropolli Charmet, shares his views about how COVID-19 is affecting young people and why they should remain in school, pandemic notwithstanding. Otherwise we run the risk of having "suffering, bored, frightened, lonely children who feel abandoned and deprived of their value".

Author of the book recently published by Solferino entitled Il Motore del Mondo (The World's Powerhouse), which could prove to be very helpful in understanding contemporary society, Charmet goes even further by suggesting that the situation we are currently facing could even become an opportunity for growth and learning.

“Kids are currently confronted with some very important topics such as loneliness and death. Schools should seize this opportunity and provide education on death, explaining that life and death are intrinsically linked.” Doing so would help our youth become mature, strong and aware adults. Social actors working together to save humanity.

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