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The number of women lawyers is growing

The percentage of female legal professionals is increasing in a field where, 20 years ago, just 20% were women. Yet, despite a nearly 50/50 gender split between trainees, it remains the case that only men successfully climb to the upper echelons of the profession. Barbara de Muro, the lawyer in charge of the ASLA Women project, explains why we should turn things around and how to do it

Basic income an experiment in Finland

In 2017, Finland began a two-year pilot project in which 2,000 unemployed people received 560 euros a month, without any obligations. The experiment is due to finish in December 2018, when the government will decide whether to stop the project or roll it out to the rest of the country.

Riders and the city – a shared road to safer working

The Italian government has begun national talks with companies, trade unions and independent associations representing workers. It aims to draw up new contracts that guarantee better job security. But many of the country’s cities have already started taking steps locally to improve working conditions for riders

Hot Desking: shift desks in the new hybrid work model

A 17th century practice updated to the present day. A new frontier for large companies, who are scaling back the number of desks while encouraging employees to return to the office. However, there is a risk of affecting the quality of relationships and the creative process.

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