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Sofia Corradi: “The Erasmus program changes lives and helps finding jobs. Let me show you how”.

Who is “Mamma Erasmus” (literally the mother of Erasmus) the professor who, in 1987, fought to divulge the program that allows student exchanges between European universities

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To everyone she’s “Mamma Erasmus”, having created the program which, since 1987 allows the exchange of students between European universities.

Because of this, in 2016, Sofia Corradi received the prestigious Charles V European Award from King Felipe VI of Spain and the President of the European Parliament at the time, Martin Schulz.

So does Erasmus help young men and women find work? “Erasmus changes your personality, it develops critical thinking, the way we look at the people around us” Corradi answers. Until 2004 she was professor of “Lifelong learning” at the Università degli Studi Roma Tre. “All of this facilitates professional careers, but above all it facilitates the life of who has taken part in Erasmus”.

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