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Silvia Candiani, CEO of Microsoft Italy: “Women, have dreams and do what you can to achieve them”

The computer giant’s new CEO on the themes of work-life balance and training for young people seeking to enter the labour market.

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“Having a work-life balance is not only possible, it is also a great opportunity. You are forced to organise your work really well.”

Silvia Candiani, wife, mother of two, and recently also the CEO of Microsoft Italy, is in no doubt.

“Women have an innate quality that can help them enormously, not only in the workplace, and that is empathy”, says the CEO with regard to professional opportunities for women, and recommends: “Do not be afraid to fail; have dreams and do what you can to achieve them”.

Moreover, training is an essential means of laying solid foundations for a future career. Her advice to young people? “Focus on courses with a high scientific content, and try to develop soft skill at work, such as the ability to be enterprising, creative and collaborative. Above all, however, continue learning and embracing new experiences”.

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