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The work of tomorrow? Here's what we don't have (yet) understood

Dialogue with Luca De Biase

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Luca De Biase is one of the greatest Italian experts in technological, social and economic innovation applied to new media. He wrote for several newspapers, such as: Vita, ItaliaOggi, Mondo Economico, Fortune Italia, The Industry Standard, Problemi dell’informazione, Corriere della Sera, l’Espresso, La Stampa and il Sole 24 Ore.

Innovation editor of Il Sole 24 Ore and Nova 24 (of which he is also the founder), he was approached by Morning Future's newsroom for a face-to-face interview on the future of the world of work in Italy.

5 questions to understand whether innovation, even technological, is to be feared or it represents a source of opportunity and change.

Here's what he told us.

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